Past Life Regression Therapy

past life regression therapy

if you had bad karma in your past life

Have you ever pondered about life in the moment? Why is in this life I am unlucky? Beset  by a barrage of bad luck, why is my destiny like this? Why is my karma like that?. Even though in life I always do good, often help people, pray diligently. Why like this? Why like that? Every human being in this life has accumulated good karma and bad karma duet o karma in past life. Bad karma and good karma have different bank account. If we save good karma, of course the good karma balance will increase and there will even be compensation in the form of interest. The more we save, the interest also increases. One day when the flower bears fruit, ourselve will harvest it. On the other hand, if we keep on plant bad karma, the plant will also thrive with brances branching back and forth. When the time comes for the plants to flower and bear fruit, ourselve will harvest them. It was during this harvest that many questions arise in. Without realizing that all o fit is the result of the plant. The question is, can we remove bad karma? Centainly can! How to? Lots of questions that arise in your mind. There are many methods to remove that bad karma. One of the easiest is to stop plant bad karma and keep on saving good karma. Our bad karma savings will decrease over time. It’s like saving at a bank with a remaining balance of 100 thousand, if we don’t add it, the 100 thousand will decrease every month. Savings that have settle will be subject to bank taxes, bank administration, which will eventually run out. If the bad karma saving are used up, then we get ready to reap the flowers in a different bank in the form of a haarvest of our good karma. That’s one of the easiest ways to regret not coming later. If you are not sure about the law of karma, you can prove it with Past Life Regression. Of cource as a ordinary person must be accompanied by expert. Because of what? Because the Past Life Regression method is not as easy as you imagine. If you do by yourself without being accompanied by an expert, you may not able to return to this real world. That is the complexity of the Past Life Regression knowledge. With this method, you can fid out where, who and what we have done in past and even past lives can be seen and answered. BUT NOT EVERYONE CAN DO PAST LIFE REGRESSION. You must consult with expert beforehand, whether you can do Past Life Regression or not.

Merit of Past Life to know the bad energy or negative energy on the past that influence on our present life and years coming, If there is , that’s will balance and will  neutralizer so the bad energy on past life  not following the present life and stay out from mischance with hope fortune will accompany the live.