Healing therapy


healing using quantum energy and hypnosis method

Healing Therapy in Taman Beji Griya Waterfall using quantum energi hypnosis method or hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy works by entering a person’s subconscious then giving certain suggestions to help the healing process. There are many assumptions about the use of hypnotherapy, but in the medical world, hypnotherapy can used as an alternative or additional therapy to treat certain health problems or complaints. The hypnotic state is much like meditation or when one’s mind is completely absorbed while watching a movie or listening to music. In this state, patients can direct their attention inwardly to help them make changers or certain memories in their lives. Hypnotherapy is used as part of a treatment plan for phobias, improving sleep, learning, communication disorders, relationship problems and other anxiety disorders. This therapy can also be used to manage pain, lose weight, stop smoking, sexual dysfunction, relax more, reduce stress and anxiety and help relieve pain.

Benefits of Healing Therapy is relaxation mind to be fresh and released all the problem, disappointed, sadness, angry that been planted on the heart and mind since a long time ago. With healing therapy all the negative energy will make neutral so that not bring the bad thing on the live.

Hypnotherapy is considered part of psychotherapy because a healer will explore painful thoughts, feelings or memories that you are experiencing but are hidden in your subconscious. Those of you who are undergoing a hypnotherapy session will be relaxed and focused so that you are encouraged to share your fears, pain or trauma, including when it first appeared. The healer will give you certain suggestions whose purpose is to change certain behaviors, habits and perceptions when dealing with problems that are bothering you at that time. For example, you have phobia of something, the healer will give suggestions and you will be asked to follow these suggestions. You will be “taught” how to deal with things that are feared, worried or felt so that these feelings can be reduced or even disapper. After the suggestions enter, the healer will return you to consciousness. However, the note is that this therapeutic practice cannot be applied to everyone, cannot be applied to patients with psychosis or dissociative disorders (muliple personality).