Aura AND Chakra Activation

aura and chakra activation

open positive aura and balancing all the seven chakras

Aura is a radiant energi around the human body that forms an electromagnetic field. The nature of the aura is always changing in the body, sometimes the aura emitted is weak, sometimes it is also strong. Changes in energy strength of the aura are influenced by emotional factors as well as internal factors in the body. You need to know, there are many benefit from emitting a strong aura. Among them are changing lives for the better, more successful, happy, healthy and peaceful. Although sometimes there is also badness from the aura, that is when the strong energi emitted by the human aura is a negative aura. Examples are gloomy, confused, disappointed, sick and suffering. That is why many people want to find ways to open and strengthen the positive aura energi radiating within themselves, because the benefits of strong positive aura energi emission are indeed many.

Benefit of open aura to generate or raise Energy Positive inside of our self (inner) with hope we always meet wise and good people and we look special from the others. Easier mingle to all of people and keep way from the unlucky people as well.

If you are still confused about the meaning of aura, think of it as a personal energi field that protects your physical body. Aura would not exist without a physical body and vice versa. All important parts in our body can work smoothly because our aura energi flows smoothly. Aura also protects the body from harmful external influences such as electromagnetic pollution and also negative energi outside the body. As a reflection of energi from within the body, the aura can be mirror of what is happening in your physical body and even your emotions. From the color of the aura that radiates, you can see the basic character, emotions, love and lies can also be felt.

Contrary to what most people think, aura is not a mystical energi that only certain people can possess. Although of cource there were some people whose auras were many times stronger than ordinary people. All objects in this world are shrouded in aura even though not everyone can see it. Basically everyone can see auras, it is just that everyone has a different inner sensitivity. So for those who are less sensitive it takes a little effort to be able to see the aura. You might not really understand it right noew but you would if you could see it with your own eyes.

Benefits of opening aura :

  • Having authority or charisma in personality, way of walking, speaking style, words, thoughts, principles and all things you doing.
  • Can see someone’s character or intentions from their aura even if they don’t realize it.
  • Able to deal with all kind of problems.
  • Having positive energi that is beneficial for health.
  • Has a special charm on the face, style of speech, way of walking and all the things you doing.
  • Easy to achieve success and fortune.