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Taman beji griya waterfall

Embracing “Ratu Niang Sakti”

Om Swastyastu

Previously this place was the hermitage of one of the ancestors of the Griya Gede Manuaba Punggul’s family who was also the owner of this Taman Beji Griya Waterfall park.

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In 2018, Ratu Ida Pedanda Gede Buruan Manuaba & Ida Bagus Eka Giri Artha as owner and responsible for this place doing meditation.

While being meditated  they heard a voice without a source or whispered ( pawisik )  which order them to repair, taking good care for and maintain the whole Beji area, the caves  or hermitage places (peyogan), bulakan Rambut Sedana (The Fortune), spring (klebutan) that are below Lingga Yoni and Campuan Agung.

Those waterfall has been used from generation to generation as a holy bath to perform religious ceremonies (Panca Yadnya). Begin from this condition, Ida Bagus Eka or Atu Aji Eka make a huge decision to open this worship place for public. So that the holy water in the entire Beji area is useful for all people & beliefs. And they may use it for the holy bathing ritual procession / MELUKAT (purification).

In this Beji Griya Waterfall there are 5 stages of MELUKAT, namely:

  1. Penglukatan Tamba Sunia (Tamba Sunia Purification) which located in the cave which is believed to be holy water to applicated medicine to cure all diseases, a blessing for offspring, make it easier for a mate / life partner and ask for harmony in the family.
  2. Bulakan Rambut Sedana (Rambut Sedana Spring water) the holy water is believed to get a blessing to find our fortune of life, and smoothness flow in business, trade, career and everything related to money orientation
  3. Dewi Gangga’s Twin Waterfall. In this step you need to take a chance to spend time at Dewi Gangga’s waterfall which will help you in significantly changed for your life. There are two waterfall which each of it has a very special meaning indeed. The first waterfall is a place to release negative energy, emotions, burdens of thoughts, anger, revenge that is in the heart and mind by shouting or crying as much as you can. The second waterfall to attract and generate positive energy by expressing happiness by laughing, having fun, dancing or singing to your heart’s content.
  4. The worship of Ratu Niang Sakti & Ida Betara Lingsir is believed to be holy water which has a functions to ask for grace, blessing to always be given health, fortune without breaking, eternal happiness and all goodness to come from all directions in the universe so that it synergizes with all beings in this universe.
  5. Purification with a young green and yellow coconut by the Priest.

May goodness, wellness, health and peace come from all directions

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

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Semoga semua makhluk bisa hidup berbahagia “healing therapy session” ...

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Healing therapy & open aura session ...

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